This Is Your Republican Party

If you can stand to do so, take a long hard look at the faces of the rioters who breached the barricades and stormed the Capitol Building last week. You will notice a lot of white faces and Confederate flags.  I couldn’t find a single black person in all the images and footage of the riots, save for the policeman who cleverly drew the pursuing mob away from its principal targets (The poor guy probably thought he was about to be lynched).  Do you think Nancy Pelosi would be alive today if the insurrectionists had laid hands on her?

Yes, Donald Trump did incite the riot, and should be thrown out of office for doing so.  I keep reading about those who view Trump’s presidency as an aberration from the true spirit of the GOP, a one-off. Not so fast. Trump’s approval rating among Republicans stands at 90 percent.  Ninety percent! Ninety percent of Republicans either endorse or passively accept his racist behavior and policies.  The guy received 70 million votes in November’s election.   That’s quite a few people who think that he deserved a second term.

Look again at those white faces, at those people bearing Confederate flags and wearing shirts with slogans such as “Camp Auschwitz.”  That is your Republican party.  Those rioters identified on camera come from red states like Texas, Alabama, Arkansas.  If justice is served, they will face serious criminal charges.

For once, the idiots should have worn masks.

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